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Take it in, take it in. Is that not the most beautiful library you’ve ever seen?! If it isn’t–let me know, I’m going to go get myself to whichever library you think can beat this. Definitely a Dublin highlight. That’s the Long Room at the Trinity College Library and definitely one of the major highlights of the weekend. I have seen pictures of this library allllll over the internet, and it was weird and wonderful to finally see it with my own two eyes.

We stayed in Dublin for 3 nights, took day trips out of the city on Friday and Saturday, and left Sunday for exploring Dublin more thoroughly. By the time Sunday came around, we realized we had actually seen most of the city! It was small and walkable, which left us plenty of time to relax in one of the parks (St. Stephen’s Green), order Orange and Coconut tea in a cozy hidden coffeeshop, and wander around high-end shopping malls looking a bit too haggard in a to fit in.

Wondering about the haggardness? Just the standard look after 3 nights in a hostel bunk and after living on pb&j alone for something like six straight meals…..maybe fewer because we totally caved on Saturday night and went for burgers…….

The hostel thing is interesting. I know that screaming/vomiting/half naked/costume-wearing spring breakers throwing an end-of-term party in the hostel (legitimately throwing a party in the hallways) until their departure at 6 am should have be really annoying, but I was so entertained that I was kind of okay with it. And while sharing a room with 14 other girls could have been disastrous, but we got to meet people from all over the world and hear everyone’s stories. I can deal with that for 3 nights. Probably only 3 nights, but still. It’s a necessary experience.

Scenes from Dublin are below:



IMG_2938(This one’s for you, Aidan!)

IMG_2864I like this one because it shows that the sidewalks were actually decently populated, which I feel like I haven’t seen in a few other cities.




2 thoughts on “Dublin

  1. Aidan is going to love you pic’s…hope all is well. You’re going to néed a little R&R when you come back home. What an amazing exhausting trip it has been, for me that is. Do you ever go to school&attend classes .I think it needs to be documented with a few pictures..Maybe a nice picture with all your teachers..or perhaps a picture of the classroom.
    see you soon. Love, Auntie Laura

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