Happy Easter!


Happy belated Easter! That’s Anni (whose lovely blog you can read here: http://www.xodiaries.com/) and I, smiling at the Easter brunch we shared with a few other Ealing friends. If I look tired, it’s because I was! Clocks changed that morning and let’s just say it was rough, especially because I had a busy weekend. We actually intended to get to the 10:30 am mass (which isn’t even that early), but popular consensus shifted to 12:15 mass instead, so I crawled back into bed and had a delightful slumber until approximately noon. What a treat. And yes I see that my hair is whack.

London gave us the best Easter surprise ever–a hint of spring. To be honest, it is still absolutely freezing. But lately, it’s been just a bit sunnier and some of the trees are beginning to bloom. Prospects of spring may have seemed so promising today because we went to Hampstead Heath, which is a huge park about 30 minutes away by Tube. We planned to go there for what is supposed to be one of the best views of London, but we never came across the exact hill that is supposed to offer the famous view. We did come across a similar and still pretty amazing view of the London skyline, but the real highlight was discovering the woodsy trails and hidden ponds throughout the park. The trails were full of families and dog walkers taking advantage of the day off (today’s an official bank holiday) and the nice weather. It was the perfect way to end a tiring weekend and to recharge before a busy week!



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