Mum and Dad in London


My parents just visited! It was great. They were here for 4 full days and it was definitely one of those time-warp situations where I felt like I never left but also like I’ve been living in London forrreevvveeerrr. The picture above is from the tail end of the changing of the guard, which we happened to catch during the “Royal Walking Tour” I gave them on the day they arrived.

Other than the horrible weather (I’m sure my mom can offer a dramatic retelling of the rain/wind/snow situation for anyone who’s interested), we had a great time! We went to the V&A, the British Museum, the British Library, walked through Hyde Park, went to Harrods, saw the Magna Carta, did some quality people watching, watched the Kardashians………etc. It was kind of like parents weekend at UD, but instead of going apple picking and cramming into overcrowded Main St. bagel shops (I’m talking to you, Newark Deli and Bagel), we went crepe-hunting and crammed into overcrowded museums. But I loved every minute of it! Also, special shout-out to the dark chocolate and pear crepe we had in South Kensington, and honorable mention goes to the entire vegetable garden that came with our hummus at a Lebanese place by the flat. And who knew that the Easter bunny makes early house calls in extreme situations, i.e. when one’s child will be abroad over Easter?! So that was just superb.

Maybe my dad will send me some pictures of what we saw/did so I can put them on my blog? (Hint Hint!)

In other news, I just have to share that last night on the tube I sat next to someone who was reading the same book as me! Do you even know how long I have waited for that to happen? Since childhood. It’s actually one of the reasons I don’t like eBooks…you can’t see what everyone’s reading! What if you are secretly book twins?! Anyways, we were both reading Eat, Pray, Love, and she was surprised that I was reading it at my age. I told her I was able to appreciate it because I’m travelling, but she probably didn’t realize that she happened to be talking to a 45 year-old in a teenager’s body.

(Also, a few stops after she got off the tube, the grown man sitting across from me had a legitimate giggle attack and it was hilarious. He got a few other people on the tube laughing, including myself, but no one ever asked what he was laughing at…we were all kind of sitting there cracking up to ourselves. In fact, I’m laughing now just writing about it. Just thought you all should know that the silent London tubes are not necessarily boring London tubes.)


7 thoughts on “Mum and Dad in London

  1. Hey Liz! Thanks for making our visit Royal! We had a great time despite the weather (Well, I had a great time. Mom says I owe her and she’s never going back to England. But, she loved seeing you!). I will get all my photos together, hopefully this weekend. The food was great and the museums amazing. London is a wonderful city. Although the Kardashians made me nuts, I was delighted to spend time with you. You are all growed up!

  2. Happy Easter Lizzie.Did the Easter Bunnie come and visit you? What is your next sight-seeing destination?
    We enjoy all your Blogs

    • Happy Easter! The Easter bunny visited last weekend when mom and dad were here 🙂 My next stop is Ireland, next weekend! And bit later…my next stop is HOME!

  3. Happy Easter! My niece Mireille will be spending a semester in London next Fall. Is it all right if I send her your blog site?

  4. Hi Liz! I’m Steph, from CAPA. I work on the 4th floor in London so you may not have seen much of me, but I run the CAPA blog – and wondered if you might want to write a guest post for us, maybe a Day in the Life sort of post? You’ve put together a great blog here which you’ll always be glad you did 🙂 Anyway, let me know. You can email me at if you’re up for it. Cheers! – Steph

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