Hello from Geneva! I am currently having an amazing time staying with friends here, and you will get a real post on this later! BUT, right now, I have to do some self-promotion.

As you may know, I loved working on my high school newspaper and I love working on my college paper. A friend and I working on a project to start newspapers at middle schools (when the students can really benefit from the leadership skills, etc) and we are applying for a huge grant from Harvard to kickstart it! It is explained more in the video I link to below. It is a HUGE deal and basically my life right now, so please vote!

We need people to VOTE for us at this website and we can be considered as finalists! Please, please, please, spread this link around in any way possible!! (Click on that link to vote)


P.S. Jackie is the girl in the video, she’s my partner for the project!! 🙂

Sorry this is so short, I am in a hurry to try SNAILS for the first time!


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