Edinburgh, Scotland.


Edinburgh—pronounced Edin-burrah—was the first stop on our trip. We stayed in the city for one night, and I loved it! The whole city is a combination of stone and moss in the most visually appealing way. Almost everything in Edinburgh is supposed to have inspired some aspect of Harry Potter, which makes perfect sense once you see the old stoney buildings, oddly enchanting graveyards, and iconic castle on a volcano. It almost seems strange to see people going about their daily lives in such a seemingly magical city.

Like much of Scotland, Edinburgh has some fantastic geological history that I cannot quite remember. There was definitely a volcano, but I think there was some glacier action happening too. All I know is that you can see the castle from nearly everywhere in the city because it is up on top of the volcano. They light it at night and it is very impressive. One of my favorite sights was Greyfriar’s Graveyard, which is supposed to be one of the scariest and most haunted places in the world. We saw it in the daytime, so I would more readily give it the eerie-beautiful award. JK Rowling found many of her characters’ names on gravestones in Greyfriar’s. (Our tour guide would joke that anytime it looked like tours were getting bored, he would just say a Harry Potter fact—real or invented—and everyone would snap back into attention. So true!) Some scenes from the city are below.

I will be posting about the rest of the trip, and then I’m going to upload a link to look at more pictures on an online photo album. I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that pictures just don’t give anything justice! (Especially because WordPress isn’t letting me use vertical pictures at the moment!)


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