Happy Valentine’s Day!

photo (20)Happy Valentine’s Day! I had a loooovely day here in Ealing–the SUN * was shining, the air was warm, and the people of Ealing were all out and about buying flowers and lots of pink baked goods.

I couldn’t let Valentine’s pass without doing something celebratory, so I looked around for cake mix or something festive to make for the flatmates. Apparently, simple mixes are hard to come by here, and most of the baked goods aisle was sold out! I settled for ice cream for sharing, and got some shrimp (because it’s pink, after all) for tonight’s dinner. Yum! If you can’t tell, I am really enjoying cooking for myself. Now, when I go to bookstores, I look in the cookbook section too…which is a really weird and unexpected thing for me.

I also made my way to the library to get some work done. I did some work, but after realizing they don’t have wifi in any of the libraries in Ealing, my 21st century American college student self was kind of freaking out. Aside from the lack of wifi, the library was great and I will definitely be returning.

Just so my frequent readers know, it might be a few days before my next blog post…I’m away for the weekend!

P.S. Happy Birthday Ann <333 Love you!

*I noticed that I capitalize SUN almost every time I write it, but that’s because it’s so exciting when it comes out! Also, the picture on this post is probably kind of lame to all of you who get to see blue sky and sunlight on a regular basis. Totally photo-worthy here.


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