Two famous people and a bear

First: Today we saw Chris O’Dowd, also known as The Adorable Police Officer from Bridesmaids! He was walking down the street in Soho…and we were walking down the street in Soho….and we all kind of stared…and then it was over. Our professor pointed out that his fancy handbag was a solid indicator of his celebrity status. One point for team manpurse!*

Second: I JUST discovered that it’s Abe Lincoln’s birthday. It’s 7 pm here**. How could I let the whole day go by without a commemorative reading of the Second Inaugural Address?! Also, I just want to put it out there that I liked Abe Lincoln before it was cool to like Abe Lincoln.

The bear: We had presentations on British culture in history class today, and one group presented on Winnie the Pooh. Then they played the theme song (below), and it was a total childhood ambush. I was just in the delightful semi-slumber of a 3.5 hour history class when BAM…struck by ALL the memories! I just want everyone to watch this and enjoy. I know a fair share of you who will love it. Favorite part was always when he bounces on the letters in the title.

P.S. Did you know that the characters are based on AA Milne’s son’s stuffed animals? His son was named Christopher Robin, of course. Winnie was from Harrods and is now at THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY. So I know where I’m going as soon as I get back.

*I am not on team manpurse.

**Ok, I waited a few hours and now it’s 11:30 but still.


2 thoughts on “Two famous people and a bear

  1. liz–this is my second attempt at sending a hello to you. the first ended when my computeruter decided to do something on its own. i have enjoyed your fotos and your skill in seleccting good views. keep them coming.N

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