In which I kind of meet Stanley Tucci.

So, last night I kind of interacted with Stanley Tucci. Stanley Tucci.



I normally can’t even recognize actors by name or face, but I do know him, thanks to deep love of The Devil Wears Prada* and the Hunger Games**. So of ALL the actors to see in London, Stanley Tucci was a quality sighting. 

We spotted him after we saw an all-female cast perform Julius Caesar*** in a very small theater…he was in the bar, so naturally, we just happened to end up there too. He definitely noticed that there was a pack of girls nearly hyperventilating in the corner, so he came over and offered to take a picture. (Either totally gentlemanly, or just trying to get us out of there quickly.) I was the picture-taker, so I have no photographic evidence, except to say that he is GAZING RIGHT AT ME in this picture. Also he looks pained here, but he makes that face in a lot of his pictures. Then he asked how we liked the show and I think I just replied with wide eyes and a dropped jaw. Starstruck. Yup. There you have it. I kind of met Stanley Tucci.


*Why am I the only person ever to have cried hysterically at this movie?

**Mildly disturbing.

***It was interesting. It was directed by Phyllida Lloyd, who definitely deserves more than an asterisk and shouldn’t be totally overshadowed by Stan. She directed the films The Iron Lady and Mamma Mia!


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