I ♥ The Alps

(One last Venice post)

The flights were awesome. Extra emphasis on the “awe.” That middle picture is the worst picture but the best in real life. Those are mountains bathed in clouds. Like, submerged. We thought it was water at first. So so so so so cool.



I love the Alps! And look at that blue sky and sunshine one the clouds! Gahh!!

(Also, in keeping with the “getting there” theme…I can think of several readers of this blog who will find it hilarious that I had a very hard time getting through security. I was very…er…thoroughly…frisked, and then had my backpack completely unpacked, down to having every item of clothing unrolled/unfolded and every pocked emptied. In all, only my toothpaste was confiscated. And while that was some good toothpaste, I’m sure that everyone on my flight was much safer after its demise.)


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