Venice: The Food

Tales from Venice will be coming in multiple parts, but I can’t help but start with the food. Just so you aren’t totally lost: Rachel and I planned this super-spontaneous trip to Venice four days before leaving. (Thank you British Airways for last minute deals!)

If I’ve been impressed by Italian food in London, I knew that the real thing would amaze me. One of my travel books actually says Venice serves a lower quality and quantity of food than the rest of Italy, but I’m no food snob. If it tastes good, it is good.

We had no idea whether our hotel would be in a good location or not, but it turned out to be a great location right by Rialto Bridge. On our first night, we went to a restaurant near the hotel with heated outdoor seating that overlooked the Grand Canal. The view looked like some sort of Renaissance painting, and we had some funny times with the waiters over the language barrier.

I ordered a spaghetti with tomato sauce, and my plain-and-simple choice was just perfect. Rachel and I agreed that it was the best tomato sauce we’ve ever eaten. I truly regret not photographing that meal because I would love to relive that first bite over and over and over again.

The next day, as we made our way through the maze-like roads to St. Mark’s Square, we were just starting to get hungry when we spotted this cookie in the window of a bakery:


(Do I get bonus points because my nail polish matches the wrapper?)

Let me just say…that was a great cookie. Big, fluffy-soft-crunchy, coated in sugar, with the perfect chocolate chunks to cookie ratio. Now that I’m back in England, I can resume use of Roald Dahl-isms, right? That cookie was the definition of scrumdiddlyumptious.

Of course, the cookie was simply an appetizer for some banana and Nutella crepes that just had to happen around lunch time. It was the first crepe I’ve had in a while, and it was one of those food experiences where you get legitimately sad as you come to the end of it.


The fourth notable food experience was dinner that same day. We found a little restaurant that was quite cute—red checkered tablecloths and all—where I ordered a brie pizza. I can’t believe I’ve never seen brie pizza on a menu before, because it was delicious! Restaurants of the world, take note: Brie. Pizza. Just do it.

That, for the most part, ends my journey in food. Now back to the world of scones and tea and bangers and mash 🙂


3 thoughts on “Venice: The Food

  1. Oh my! I am ready to head back to Venice…for the food, and the passages that take you from piazza to piazza, discovering little shops along the way!

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