Portobello Road


Some London neighborhoods are known for their markets, and this is especially true of the Portobello Road market in Notting Hill. Of course I watched Hugh Grant’s Notting Hill before coming here, but, unfortunately, I did not see the famed blue door (actually, there’s just a plaque there now, but I didn’t see that either) nor did I meet the man of my dreams. I did, however, see George Orwell‘s house, which is basically my equivalent of spotting Hugh Grant’s fictional flat anyways. 

The market is all outdoors, which allowed us to soak in the rarely-spotted sun. It runs down the loooooong and hilly Portobello Road, which is colorful and crowded! We saw antiques, shoes, purses, scarves, jewelry, and of course, FOOD. There were fruits, vegetables, hotdogs (why?!), crepes, crepes, and more crepes, falafel, waffles…the list goes on. The best sight of all—the crowds! The roads were closed off so we could walk right down the center of the streets, but even with the extra capacity, it was crazy. I can’t think of any US parallel to the market atmosphere here, and I wish the picture above could capture it a little better.



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