WICKED! and the prime meridian

I’ve already pointed out my heavy use of superlatives on this blog and that I’m running out of synonyms for “amazing,” but last night I saw Wicked. I immediately knew there would be a total adjective crisis when it came time to blog about it, so I am simply going to leave you with this: It was great, you should see it.

Today, I went to Greenwich to see the Prime Meridian*. After doing the whole “I’m standing in two different hemispheres!” thing, we took in the spectacular view of London and enjoyed town in Greenwich. Greenwich itself makes a nice day trip—there are some special fancy buildings (I didn’t quite catch what they’re used for), the Maritime Museum, an outdoor market (where one of my friends got a chocolate and dulce de leche-filled churro…yum), and lots of cute little stores. Only downside: SO cold.

My favorite part of Greenwich was the ceiling of this building (below).


Here’s the view from around the Royal Observatory. (Where the meridian is marked, where royalty used to keep watch of all of London, and where they now study astronomy.) The Olympic equestrian events were held on that field.Image

*Yes, I totally AP style-guided that to see if it’s caps or no caps. Still not quite sure, but I’m thinking it’s more of a proper noun than a common one. Not that anyone else cares….


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