Snowy London

Snowfall in London is supposed to be a rarity—our tour guide actually said “once per year” —but it just snowed for three days straight! Aside from tangling up the tube lines, causing some awkward slipping incidences, and generally raising British alarm*, the snow has made an already-beautiful setting even more picture perfect.

photo (11)
IMG_1268This view for ~2.5 hours + Mumford & Sons = an excellent ride to Stonehenge/Bath


The drive back from Bath. Feeling pretty lucky to have seen this in the snow.

*They don’t know what to do with themselves. I want to advise them to simply start by shoveling their sidewalks, but I don’t even know if they sell snow shovels here. The walk to the bus stop is so thick with ice that I was imagining how great it would be to crackle it up with a teaspoon or to sprinkle my own personal supply of salt before me as I walked. I make due with a weird sort of shuffle/holding onto peoples’ fences combo. 


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