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So. This is Ealing. (Well, it’s a very, very small snapshot of one particular spot. Ealing is actually quite big. There are 4 tube stops.) Ealing is very pretty in the snow, but it deserves a separate post from the one below. On the right, you’ll see my best friend and greatest enemy, the E10 bus. This scene depicts a moment of enmity*. You can tell because the bus is just feet away, looking warm and toasty, and I am obviously outside. We could stare at each other like this for a very long time before he lets us on board. (The worst is when we’re holding our groceries. The bags cut into our hands…and my nose is inevitably running and the wind is blowing hair in my eyes and all sorts of things are happening…it’s all very unfun.) But the minute he pulls into that red zone and lets us on board, we’re best friends again.

Ealing is supposedly the least desirable of housing assignments from CAPA because it can up upwards of an hour away from class. But that is on a bad day. On a good day, 45 minutes is a more accurate assessment. While this is a normal amount of time for almost any commuter, it gets its bad reputation because the other CAPA students are so much closer. I happen to think this is the perfect amount of time for waking up/reading/recharging/etc, and I am really starting to cherish my commute time. In fact, today I read a whole chapter of my British history textbook on the super-delayed Picadilly line!

BUT, the best part about living in Ealing is that we are the only CAPA students with unlimited internet access in our flats. Now there is a serious reason to rejoice. It is only because I live here that I have been able to Skype, blog, Facebook, and research travel opportunities so freely. Skype has been amazing. I feel like I owe Skype something great…what is the college student’s equivalent of a first born child?

Outside of the bus stop and my flat, Ealing is full of stores, restaurants, and parks. We have a mall on High Street with a Waterstone’s (the B&N equivalent), Tesco (my grocery store), Boots (the pharmacy), and Primark (you already know how much I love Primark), so pretty much all of my needs can be fulfilled in that one place. There is so much of Ealing that is yet undiscovered, and I can’t wait to explore once the temperature becomes more bearable.

Tomorrow we are going to a locally-famed pizzeria, where I’m sure my love for Ealing will only grow!

*I’ve never used that word before! How exciting!


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