Some Things (round 2)

I said I’d have another post after my (unfortunate) interaction with the yogurt yesterday, but I was too traumatized to write afterwards. Today’s post is a bit of everything!

The view from in front of CAPA.

The view from in front of CAPA.

Yesterday I had my first history class (not much to tell) and other English class (much to tell). This English class is not actually an English class, it’s a post-war pop culture class that somehow counts as English. Every class is a trip to a different museum or cultural center, so I’m looking forward to it. (Although I’m a little sad that I won’t be reading all the Brit Lit I was hoping for…). Yesterday we went to the Victoria and Albert Museum, and that was absolutely amazing*. The inside of the building itself is more spectacular than anything I’ve ever seen in the US, and we didn’t get farther than the front two rooms. (Actually, we also went to the cafe area, and I will definitely be returning for tea one day after I explore like, the whole history of the world and whatever else that wonderful place contains.)

Today I had my theater class and it was great! We talked about ancient Greece and the beginnings of documented/written plays.

To transition to another kind of theatrics…look how much London loves Lincoln:

photo (8)

photo (9)

Lincoln will be making it to theaters here on January 25th, so Daniel Day-Lewis’s face is pretty much everywhere. I’m totally okay with it. According to Wikipedia, “[Day-Lewis’s] maternal grandfather, Sir Michael Balcon, was the head of Ealing Studios.” EALING! That’s where I live! How exciting.


*I feel like I need a whole new batch of adjectives to describe everything I see here. Amazing is such a flaky word…but anything else just feels tacky. Please feel free to substitute “amazing” for “breathtaking,” “jaw-dropping,” “awe-inspiring” (etc) and just understand that these are words that I find embarrassing to use.


2 thoughts on “Some Things (round 2)

  1. Do you have any British adjectives to use instead of “amazing” and the like? “Ace”, “Bees Knees”, “Blinding”, “Cracking”, “Dog’s Bullocks”, and my favorite…”Gobsmacked”.

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