Camden Market


Today we went to Camden Market, which is about 40 minutes away by tube. We got a little confused on our tube ride back and in the process went through Notting Hill, Kensington High Street, and Oxford Circus. These are all very exciting places but alas*, we were underground. 

There’s a part of Camden Market called Stables Market, and that was the first part we went into. It wasn’t underground but it seems to be built into the side of a hill and alongside the lock (a body of water), which made it kind of dark and maze-like. A lot of street food, vintage items, tourist apparel, and jewelry. It was just like the markets we see in movies–full of strange items, smells, and people. But overall unmissable and definitely a cultural experience. 

The first two pictures below are from Stables Market. Just a small taste of how very eclectic the markets are!




The picture below is of the outside portion of Camden Market. It was COLD today, so I can only imagine what these crowds are like once it warms up! 


*Alas. Hahaha. Hahaha. Hahahahahahaha. The most handy of words. 


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