Royal London!

Today we hopped on a bus and took a tour of the city…our tour guide was an American who met her husband while studying abroad and who has now lived here for 18 years. (Between narrations she advised us on how to meet our own British husbands. Apparently the secret is to get a dog and talk about the weather. Noted!)


Buckingham Palace! This is the balcony where Will and Kate shared their first “proper” kiss.


Outside of Buckingham Palace


 St. Paul’s Cathedral, built by Sir Christopher Wren, where Prince Charles and Lady Diana were married. It was bombed during the war but the bombs did not detonate and the cathedral survived as a symbol of the blitz spirit.


Westminster Abbey, where Will and Kate were married.


The side of Westminster Abbey 


The newer part of Westminster Abbey. (The Abbey was obviously too big to fit in one shot.)


Facing the London Eye, Parliament, Big Big, and (out of the frame) but to my right is Westminster Abbey.

I feel like I need to restate the fact that EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL. Nothing is ugly. (Yet.) I will probably put up more pics of what we saw today when I go back to visit some of these places.


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