Some Other Things.

If you’ve been reading the past posts in one sitting, you’ll probably notice that they’ve all been posted TODAY (Jan. 11)…that’s because I am SO excited to have internet that I keep thinking of things I want to tell you!

Among those things:

1. We didn’t have internet until this morning. (I was the lucky one to get the door for the wifi guy this morning before putting on my glasses/waking up in general…so that was interesting.) Anyways, if you texted me or emailed me and I haven’t replied, it’s because I didn’t get it or because I received A LOT of emails when I turned on my computer. Sorry. You can message me again to remind me!

2. Everyone is walking around saying that things remind them of the parent trap or downton abbey…nope…it’s ALL 101 dalmatians to me. Apparently Anita and Roger lived in South Kensington, which is where CAPA is.

3. My cereal has been approved by the queen! It says, “By appointment to HM The Queen Purveyor of Cereals…” Purveyor of Cereals! That is wonderful!!


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