We’re here!

After semi-sleeping* on the flight and arriving here on Wednesday morning, I’ve unpacked and have settled into my flat in Ealing.

After arriving, we took a bus/tube/walking tour of the surrounding area, which is a much busier neighborhood than I expected. Our flat is tucked into a residential street that disguises the fact that we’re a 15 minute walk away from the super-busy Ealing Broadway.

The building itself is really nice–it’s actually across the street from the building that I creepily Google-Earthed (verb) with most of you who are reading this blog. When we arrived, the host faculty told Rachel and I (one of my flatmates who is also from UD) that  we had the “penthouse suite.” It is pretty awesome. We have two rooms (a triple and a four-person room) plus a common room and kitchen. Our common room is in the pic below, and you can see a bit of the kitchen through the archway.

Our kitchen is nice and new and full of surprises…my favorite of which is the washer/dryer under the sink.

Yesterday we went to our CAPA orientation (part 1). During the break we wandered around Kensington—and I’m tempted to use all caps and exclamation points here—it’s awesome. Everything is beautiful…even the construction zones.

Today we had round 2 of orientation and then tea (and scones!) at a hotel near CAPA.

We are quickly learning to ride the tube** and the buses and getting the hang of some of the lingo***!

More pictures soon!

P.S. If you come back to this site and it looks completely different, that’s because I’m playing around with the blog themes. Same content, different layout!

*I fell asleep a half hour before finishing Date Night (Steve Carell and Tina Fey). Someone please tell me they make it out alive?!?!!

**This week was the London Underground’s 150th birthday! Exciting stuff.

***Do people even use that word anymore?



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